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    Proudly based in Melbourne, INTUS is more than just an activewear label — it's a reflection of your style, your aspirations, and your life. We stand at the apex of quality and contemporary fashion, embodying the essence of a lifestyle that's both vibrant and fulfilling. Our collection, from sophisticated sports bras to comfortable joggers, is crafted with you in mind — because at INTUS, #itsallyou.

    Our ethos revolves around celebrating you. Every piece we design is tailored to enhance your everyday, from energetic mornings to relaxed evenings. We understand that your clothing choices are an extension of your personality, and that's why we're committed to designs that are not just apparel, but a statement about who you are. With INTUS, every day is an opportunity to live your style, your way. You are at the core of everything we do at INTUS. Our diverse community, filled with individuals who have a keen sense of style and a zest for life, truly shapes who we are. To us, you are the inspiration behind our brand, the trendsetters in fashion, and the leaders in embracing new styles at the intersection of fitness and fashion. As the fashion world evolves, INTUS is here to support you, helping you confidently express your unique style.

    INTUS isn't just a brand; it's Latin for 'within'. It's a movement that champions your inner power. It's about creating a world where you can be your most authentic self, every day. In your journey to find the perfect mix of comfort in yourself, your style and your individuality — #itsallyou